Valsalya Bhavan Annexe

Centre for girls doing their high school studies. There are around 25 girls at the centre, between the ages of 14 -19 years.

Valsalya Bhavan

The centre is for the young girls . Along with primary and high school education at a local school, the centre provides shelter, food, clothing and educational support. Other services offered to the girls include counseling, recreational activities, healthcare, yoga, and personality development programmes. There are around 30 girls at the centre, between the ages […]

Bosco Nilayam, Cochin

Young adults from the Don Bosco centre who wish to continue their studies after high school or find employment are able to reside at the centre. At the centre, resident young people are expected to manage their own lives. This is a key strategy in the rehabilitation process as it is from this institution that […]

Don Bosco, Cochin

Boys are provided with residence at the centre. They are given a chance to expand their horizons in both intellectual and extra-curricular activities. The residents attend a local high school to complete their education. There are around 40 boys at the centre, between the ages of 13 -16 years, many of whom have come through […]


It is a home for the children from the streets and for those from unhealthy and risky situations. The main aim is to provide the children with a wholesome environment where their psychological and physical well being is looked after. It provides shelter, food, clothing and education support for the children. Children attend a public […]


First contact point for street children. Counselling, recreation facilities, home placement, advocacy, medical help, job placement and life skills are all facilitated through this centre. In addition, Childline, the free 24 hour helpline run by Don Bosco Sneha Bhavan is also operated out of the Sneha Bhavan Annexe.

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