We are training caregivers of children and youth in care centers in India. We offer training, counseling and support to the care staff to escort children and youth on their emotional and psychosocial rehabilitation.

We work with children and young people from very traumatic scenarios to develop and apply all their potential and skills, so that they can restore their purpose in life, becoming productive and responsible citizens throughout their life.

Training provides standardized psychosocial tools to help caregivers coping with children and youth since we believe that psychological assistance to the children is highly demanded in a context of social exclusion, to contribute to the real recovery of their emotional, psychosocial well-being and their social rehabilitation.


Restore their sense of identity, affection, self-esteem, purpose in life and protection. Promote their empowerment and psychosocial reinsertion so that they become actors in their communities.

A global conception of children’s health necessarily includes mental health approach. Street children have material needs but they also have the right to be cared of and encouraged to belong to their communities. Restoring in them the sense of identity, affection, protection, empowerment, and belonging will allow them to step out of their social exclusion.

A countless amount of child population in India lives in the streets and seeks for shelter in orphanages and care centres. They come from different scenarios: abandoned and orphaned children, experienced deprivation and abuse or have been exploited in many ways, addicted to drugs, begging children or have been stigmatized or suffered overwhelming grief. We need to provide love, care and protection and this requires the appropriate counseling, including psychosocial tools.

We wish to encourage their tremendous potential to build strong and productive communities, to achieve their resilience and move beyond their traumatic backgrounds.

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