Evaluating the situation

The need

Institutions in India working in the field, such as orphanages and assistance centres, are overwhelmed covering primary needs and lack technical knowledge to attend essential psychosocial approach. Expanding their scope will contribute to the real recovery of street children, on their emotional, psychosocial well-being and social rehabilitation.

Beyond their material needs, they need to provide strong systems around children and youth to build their resilience and help them move beyond their social exclusion, empowering them to become real actors of their communities.

The counterpart

Don Bosco (www.donboscoindia.com), a registered Charitable Organization in India, asked us for urgent training actions and cooperation to ensure proper assistance. Educators and social helpers lack the knowledge of mental health problems. They need psychosocial educative programs to recover children’s emotional and psychosocial well-being as well as to prevent and provide intervention and assistance granting their social rehabilitation.

Since 2010 we have achieved several training interventions with international professionals in collaboration with Juan Bosco. They confirmed the need to provide and standardize further training and replicate it in different centres.

Working with a very solid and established institution in India like Don Bosco (www.donboscoindia.com) ensures:

  1. Co-designing and implementing programs and workshops in a more participative and realistic way.
  2. Better value of the social impact and results of performing with a controlled target population.
  3. Transcending to other institutions and influence for new policies due to their alliances with the Indian Government.
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