Who are we?

SOI is an international association of professionals that provide training, counseling and support for the emotional and psychosocial rehabilitation of street children in India.
We support children and young people from the streets of India, who found shelter in orphanages and care centres. They live at risk of social exclusion (abuse and exploitation).
We are a network of psychologists, therapists, counselors, coaches, social workers and social educators providing training on necessary psychosocial tools for the care staff in charge of them.
Since 2010 we have been coordinating and performing different trainings and workshops responding to the demand of care centres based in Kerala and Karnataka.

Be the change that you wish to see in the world.

Mahatma Gandhi

We realized the need for proper training to escort children along their process of rehabilitation once they get to these centres. Psychosocial tools are required to deal with their difficult background. Caregivers declared their need of guidance to be able to cope with children and youth with their traumatic scenarios and help them to recover their self-esteem and emotional balance.
In close collaboration with professionals working in different centres we designed a list of basic topics and issues to be trained on. The topics are based on a variety of problems such as:

  • traumatic shock
  • sexual abuse
  • exploitation
  • lack of self esteem
  • identity disorders
  • different addictions
  • general affective deprivation
  • etc.

Thanks to the collaboration of a network of mental health professionals and therapists of different techniques, we started providing workshops and training to the staff in charge of the children in different care centres and for the children and youngsters.
Beyond their basic needs such as medical assistance, food, shelter and education, we appeal to include another basic need: psychological help to promote their true emotional and psychosocial rehabilitation.
We have been spreading out the voice of our project finding support from private funding and the COPC, Official Association of Psychologist of Catalonia (www.copc.org).

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